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90 Minutes

A, 2010


Following the Saffron Revolution in 2007 and a cyclone one year later, Burma was, for a short time, at the centre of the world’s attention. Shortly afterwards, this interest died down; the leaders of a brutal military government feeling comfortable in their isolation, able to continue free and undisturbed to murder, exploit country and people, and to violate human rights.        
After decades of military dictatorship in Burma, the old values still stand: you are either for or against them. Most of the critics are either dead, sentenced to lifelong imprisonment, or they have fled abroad.   
In a multi-racial state like Burma, minorities do not have it easy either. They are systematically persecuted and dispossessed. Abused and murdered. Whoever can escapes.

Against this backdrop, BURMA DISPLACED searches out people who have fled Burma. It finds them as illegal workers, as resigned occupants of refugee camps in Bangladesh, as tourist attractions in Thailand and even living in exile in the Swiss mountains.

For these people, Burma lives on in their memories alone. To the music of the Rapper Band „Myanmar Future Generation“, BURMA DISPLACED delves back into this past, encountering destroyed villages and people on the run.

The one thing that keeps everyone going in this desperate situation is the hope for change. The hope for a better life, the hope for a free Burma. One day.

A documentary film by Roland Wehap
HD Video (1,78:1)
90 Minutes
Dolby 5.1

Language versions: German, English

Subtitles: German, English, French

Languages spoken: Karen, Bengali, English, German

Filmed in: Switzerland, Burma, Thailand, Bangladesh

Written, filmed, edited and directed by: ROLAND WEHAP

Production Manager & interviews: MANUELA HINTERBERGER

Music and sound design: KLAUS KOBALD




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Distribution: rowe productions

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